Mastering the Art of Shopping at Costco: 20 Proven Secrets


Costco, the members-only warehouse club, is a shopping haven known for its quality products, vast selections, and unbeatable prices. While navigating the cavernous aisles of this retail giant may seem overwhelming at first, there are countless ways to maximize your shopping experience and take full advantage of the incredible deals. In this article, we’ll uncover 20 secrets to shopping at Costco like a pro.

  1. Get a Costco Membership:

To access Costco’s exclusive deals and shop in-store, you need a membership. Choose from the Gold Star, Executive, or Business memberships, depending on your needs.

  1. Research Prices:

Keep track of the prices of items you frequently buy at other stores to understand Costco’s price advantages better.

  1. Understand the Pricing Codes:

Costco’s pricing codes are essential to deciphering deals. Prices ending in .99 indicate regular prices, while .97 signifies clearance items.

  1. Shop Early or Late:

Visit Costco early in the morning or just before closing for a less crowded shopping experience.

  1. Plan Your Trip Mid-Week:

Avoid the weekend rush by shopping on weekdays when the stores are less crowded.

  1. Utilize Coupons:

Costco offers monthly coupon books with discounts on various items. Always check these before shopping.

  1. Free Samples:

Don’t miss out on the free food samples. They’re not just a tasty treat; they can help you discover new favorites.

  1. Buy in Bulk:

Costco is all about bulk purchasing. Focus on non-perishable items or those you can freeze if you’re concerned about freshness.

  1. Stock Up on Staples:

Costco is an excellent place to buy staples like toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies.

  1. Opt for Kirkland Signature:

The Kirkland Signature brand often offers quality products at more affordable prices compared to name brands.

  1. Seasonal Items:

Costco rotates seasonal items like holiday decorations, gardening supplies, and grilling equipment. Plan your purchases accordingly.

  1. Electronics Deals:

If you’re in the market for electronics, keep an eye out for exclusive deals and extended warranties.

  1. Prescription Medications:

Costco’s pharmacy provides substantial savings on prescription medications.

  1. Gasoline Savings:

Some Costco locations offer discounted gasoline for members, so fill up while you shop.

  1. Non-Food Items:

In addition to groceries, Costco offers excellent deals on non-food items like appliances, clothing, and furniture.

  1. Return Policy:

Costco’s generous return policy allows you to return most items for a full refund.

  1. Cash, Debit, or Check:

While Costco accepts credit cards, they prefer payment by cash, debit, or check to avoid processing fees.

  1. Shop Online:

Costco’s website offers exclusive deals and a more comprehensive range of products not found in stores.

  1. Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids:

Take advantage of Costco’s optical and hearing centers for high-quality products and services at competitive prices.

  1. Follow Costco Fan Blogs:

Join online communities dedicated to sharing insider information and unadvertised deals specific to Costco.


Shopping at Costco is a unique and rewarding experience when you know the secrets to make the most of it. From understanding pricing codes to utilizing coupons and taking advantage of in-house services like the pharmacy and optical center, you can unlock incredible savings at every turn. By being a savvy Costco shopper, you’ll enjoy the value and quality that this warehouse club is renowned for. So, grab your membership card, get ready to save, and embark on your next Costco shopping adventure!


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